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8 Sep

Annual College Sports Meet 2020

Place: Indoor in College Annexure Building and Outdoor in College Field

Annual College Sports Meet 2020:

1. The sports meet is a competition amongst the various MBBS student’s batches where they compete in various indoors and outdoors sports taking place in the college campus.

2. Dates of these events were from 21st to 24th of February 2020 which started with an inauguration ceremony (photos attached as a separate folder) in which the sports meet was declared open by Principal Sir.

3. It was followed  by sporting events both indoor (venue – college Annexure building)  and outdoor (venue – college field) were students of various  batches competed with each other in sports ranging from football to kho- kho as outdoor sports and from table tennis to push up competitions as indoor sports.

4. 4 (four) new sports were introduced this year

  1. tug of war
  2. kho – kho
  3. push up
  4. plank competitions

5. There was an equal if not more participation in almost all the sports from the boys as well as girls  side.

Inter-disciplinary Sports Meet 2020:

1. The annual sports meet was followed  immediately by inter-disciplinary sports meet 2020 from 25th  – 27th   February 2020 where the winners of the preceding sports event (M.B.B.S students) competed against students of various Para-medical divisions and well as the current Interns batch in various sporting events like football, cricket, volleyball and kho-kho.

2. Prizes to the winners of these competitions will also be given during our cultural event later this year.

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