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Forensic Medicine is a branch of Medical Science which enables doctors to deal with various medico legal situation in competent manner as in post-mortem examination of sudden unexpected unnatural deaths or when person died in suspicious circumstances regarding cause and time passed since death. This branch brings the investigative capabilities of modern medicine to the aid of law and justice. Here students will have to apply their knowledge of the various sciences to the human body. The department engages in multifarious activities of teaching, training and research. It is involved in medico-legal postmortems, casualty work, Clinical Forensic medicine Services & court related works. Student’s investigative capabilities of the modern medicine help in the aid of law and justice. They are exposed to rare aspects of forensic medicine through debates/ conferences and are encouraged to apply their knowledge of sciences to the human body. The faculty is also regularly exposed to the international scene of forensic medicine and present related papers at regional and national level conferences.


  • To start Post Graduate Degree & Course.
  • To establish toxicology garden having common toxic plants.
  • To undertake research project of practical utility and enhance publications.
  • To obtain the permission from government for conducting medico legal autopsies.


  • To produce a Doctor who is well informed about medico-legal responsibilities during the practice of Medicine.
  • The Students shall make them acquire knowledge of the law in relation to medical practice, medical negligence and in respect for codes of medical ethics and consumer protection act.
  • To make the Medical Students capable of making observations and inferring conclusions by logical deductions to set enquiries on the right track in criminal matters and associated medico-legal problems.
  • To create interest in the research in relation to various medico- legal problems.

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Infrastructure Facilities

Museum Mortuary Block
Demonstration Room Medico-Legal Photographs & Poster
Research Laboratory Poisons (toxicology Specimens) & Wet Specimens & Fetuses

Laboratories and Facilities:

The laboratory is equipped with a stock of over 50 individuals’ X-ray images that help in teaching students about estimation of age from ossification. In addition, the laboratory has approximately 15 teeth moulds and ortho pantamographic photos to aid students about age estimation by dentition. A large collection of bones is also available in the laboratory to make students understand the various aspects of forensic sciences including. All the students have access to X-ray lobbies, illumination lamps and microscopes for the purpose of investigating forensic trace evidences.

Virtual Museum:

The virtual museum of the Department of Forensic Medicine is one-of-a-kind. This facility is highly appreciated for its collection of forensic photographs, wet specimens, well-preserved species, chemical and plant poisons, weapons of assault and various sport and industrial as well as domestic implements.

Services Offered

  • Medico-legal and Ethical advise to Medical Teachers, Medical Officers and Private Practitioners.

Equipments and Models

  • Equipment for recording height
  • Balance, single pair for weighing foetus
  • Microscope student type
  • Microscope Binocular, research
  • Stopwatch
  • X-ray view box one in four
  • View Box Two in one
  • B.P. Apparatus
  • Anthropometric set
  • Electric Auto slide projector
  • Glass cutting pencil
  • Hand set heat sealer
  • Spectroscope lens with adjustable slit
  • Weighing machine, dial type human
  • Styker autopsy saw, with accessories
  • Hacksaw
  • Dissection sets
  • Rib. Shears, right and left
  • Viscerotome with attachment for illumination (Battery operated)
  • SLR camera with accessories
  • Slide Warming Table
  • Stone Carbarandon
  • Water bath (Tissue Flowing)
  • Distillation plant
  • Brain knife
  • Block Holder
  • Weighing machine for weighing dead bodies
  • Weighing machine for organs
  • Folding metal scale to measure upto 7 ft.
  • Steel tape roll
  • Vernier calipers
  • Autopsy table
  • Automatic tissue processing machine
  • Microtome with knife
  • Hot plates
  • L. Modes
  • Lather Strops
  • Paraffin Bath Embedding
  • Digital PH meter
  • Refrigerator
  • Digital Spectrometer
  • Balance chemical

Equipments in Mortuary

  • Cold storage for dead bodies (3 dead bodies)
  • Cold storage for dead bodies (6 dead bodies)
  • Viscerotome with attachment for illumination (Battery operated)
  • Balance, single pair for weighing foetus
  • Steel tape roll
  • X-ray view box one in four
  • X-ray View Box Two in one
  • Weighing machine for organs
  • Autopsy table
  • Styker autopsy saw, with accessories
  • Hacksaw
  • Dissection sets
  • Rib. Shears, right and left
  • Instrument cabinet
  • Brain knife


Forensic Medicine
Dr. Radhika Upadhyay Professor & HOD
Dr. Fakhar Alam Associate Professor
Dr. Sunil Kumar Murmu Assistant Professor
Dr. Debolina Biswas Tutor
Dr. Debarati Bardhan Tutor
Dr. Shrutama Halder Tutor

Services Offered

The curriculum also includes –

  • Students counseling and orientation programmes
  • Mentorship
  • Online Course Assistance
  • Encouraging UG and PG students to participate in the quiz, seminars and conferences in and outside the university campus.
  • Guest lectures.

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