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The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology is providing women with compassionate care at every stage of life—from adolescence to menopause and beyond. We have fully equipped labour room, Eclampsia room and ICU facilities. We have facilities for all major & minor surgical procedures and family planning services as well. We are managing all kinds of high risk pregnancies. We are providing round the clock emergency services, conducting normal deliveries and caesarean section. The Department apart from providing the most modern patient care services takes pride in delivering the academic training to the undergraduates in a way that they become good academicians, physicians and researchers. The Department has all the infrastructure and support facilities to impart the best academic training theoretically as well as practically through active ward teaching and case presentations. Moreover, the Department offers various types of prenatal diagnostic testing such as Amniocentesis, Chorion Villus Sampling, Velocimetry Studies and Foetal Color Doppler. These tests are carried out during high-risk pregnancy. Further, the surgeons at the Department perform different types of endoscopic surgeries, including laparoscopy and hysteroscopy


Total health care for women disciplined.


Dedicated approach for women’s health for saving a life.

Courses Offered

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

Services Offered

Antenatal Services
  • Identification of high risk cases
  • Care to high and low risk cases
  • Nutritional advice
  • Immunization
  • Antenatal exercises
  • Antenatal investigations
  • Screening and testing for HIV
  • PPIUCD Counseling ( Post Partum Contraception)
Family Welfare Services
  • It is an integral part of this department
  • Counseling and provision of contraceptive services
  • Laparoscopic, minilap tubal ligations and postpartum ligations are done daily on day care basis
  • Provision for Non-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) services is also provided in the department of Surgery of our institute
Gynecological Services
  • Screening and Management of genital tract cancers
  • Treatment of various Gynecological illnesses
  • Adolescent gynecological problems
  • Management of infertility, PID, RTIs and STIs.
  • Counseling to couples with RTI / STI.
Indoor Services
  • Indoor services are provided in the obstetrics and gynecology wards
  • Routine and specialized antenatal and postnatal care is imparted
  • Our obstetric ward has one CTG machine for fetal monitoring
  • Deliveries are conducted in well equipped labour room having ultrasound facilities round the clock and CTG machine
  • Ultrasound Doppler machine for in-patient assessment
  • Proper gynecological wards where gynecological ailments are managed
  • Patients after surgeries and high risk pregnancies are kept in recovery room for proper post operative care

The curriculum also includes –

  • Students counseling and orientation programmes.
  • Mentorship.
  • Online Course Assistance
  • Encouraging UG students to participate in the quiz, seminars and conferences in and outside the university campus.
  • Guest lectures.


Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Subhendu Dasgupta Professor & HOD
Dr. Amita Ray Professor
Dr. Indranil Dutta Associate Professor
Dr. Sanchita Karmakar Associate Professor
Dr. Isha Sudrania Associate Professor
Dr. Priyanka Roy Assistant Professor
Dr. Mahuya Dutta Assistant Professor
Dr. Anil Kumar Adhikary Assistant Professor
Dr. Priyanka Arya Assistant Professor
Dr. Ananya Amrit Assistant Professor
Dr. Rajani Kachchap Dr. Rajani Kachchap
Dr. Rupam Kanchan Senior Resident
Dr. Preeti Mourya Senior Resident
Dr. Abanti Chatterjee Junior Resident
Dr. Bikash Chandra Paul Junior Resident
Dr. Dipyaman Chatterhee Junior Resident
Dr. Rupak Banerjee Junior Resident
Dr. Chinmoyee Nandy Junior Resident
Dr. Sourav Chatterjee Junior Resident

Major Equipments and Models

(A) General
  • Speculums and retractors
  • EA + ECC sets
  • Liquid Based Cytology set
  • Microscope
  • MR & MVA Syringes
  • Colposcope
  • Cryo/electro cautery apparatus
  • Hand held fetal Doppler
  • NST machine
  • Stitch removal sets
  • Ayer’s spatula & Cytobrush
  • Dressing sets
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Weighing machine
  • Height scale
  • View box
  • Digital/ Electronic Blood Pressure apparatus, measuring tapes, gloves, syringes needles, torch
  • Resuscitation tray (Laryngoscope, ET tube, Ambu bag, suction catheter)
  • Suction machine
  • Hysterosalpingogram Set
  • PCT forceps
(B) Main Operation Theatre
  • Abdominal Hysterectomy set (Artery forceps, scissors, scalpel, Allis’s kelly’s clamp, Babcock forceps, thumb forceps, Harington & Richardson retractors
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy set
  • Scalpel, scissors, metal catheter, Sim’s, Speculum volsellum, Kelly’s clamps, right angle retractor, arteries, Allis, uterine sound, bladder sound.
  • Tuboplasty set
  • Myomectomy instruments (Myoma screw, Bonney’s clamp)
  • Operating laparoscopy set including one with HD with all accessories & hand instruments.
  • Laparocator for tubal ligation/ Insufflators basic unit
  • Operative Hysteroscopy set
  • Carbon dioxide insufflators
  • Resectoscope
  • Hysteromat
  • Operating microscope
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy set
(C) Labour Room
  • Delivery sets
  • Digital/ Electronic B.P. Apparatus
  • Weighing machine
  • Fetal Doppler
  • Cardiotocograph machine
  • Portable ultrasound
  • High suction machine
  • Resuscitation tray
(D) Special Equipment
  • Oxytocin infusion pumps
  • Multipurpose monitors
(E) Teaching Set
  • Doll and Dummy
  • Female Pelvis
  • Gross specimens
  • X-Ray/USG films
  • View box
  • Multimedia Projector with Screen
  • Set of instruments for teaching purpose
(F) Minor Operation Theatre
  • Cervical biopsy
  • MTP
  • D&C set
  • IUCD insertion/removal set
  • High suction machine
  • Resuscitation tray
  • E.B. set
  • Operation Theatre table, Operation Theatre lights, Central O2 and suction
(G) Maternity Operation Theatre
  • Set for LSCS
  • D&C set
  • MTP set
  • High suction machine
  • Cervical exploration set
  • Uterine packing forceps
  • Abdominal hysterectomy set
  • Operation Theatre table, Operation Theatre lights, Central O2 and suction
  • Laparocator for tubal ligation
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy set
  • Postpartum ligation
  • Outlet forceps
  • Low mid cavity forceps/Keilland forceps
  • Vacuum Extractor and suction machine
  • Resuscitation tray
  • Infusion Pump
  • EB set
(H) Wards
  • Blood Pressure Apparatus (Digital/Electronic)
  • Weighing machine
  • Height scale
  • Speculum and retractors
  • Glucometer
  • Microscope
  • Suture removal sets
  • Cut down sets
  • CTG machine
  • Suction machine
  • Resuscitation tray
  • X ray View box
  • Central O2 and suction
  • Ultrasound
  • Dressing sets
(I) Special Equipment
  • Ultrasound machine with Doppler/Vaginal probe/facilities for Interventional procedure
  • Oxytocin infusion pumps
  • Multimedia Projector with Screen
  • Multichannel Monitor with ECG, BP, HR, Pulse oximeter for high risk pregnant patients (eclampsia, heart diseases etc.)
  • Fetal Monitor for Ante partum Surveillance
(J) Necessary Equipment as per MCI Norms are Available for Following Investigation
  • Haemogram
  • Urine Exam
  • Semen Analyses
  • RFT
  • LFT
  • Sugar Test
  • Electrolyte Test
  • VDRL
  • HIV
  • BUN & Sr. Creatinine
  • Urine albumin, Creatinine
  • T3 T4 TSH
  • ABO Rh Typing
  • Cytology
  • Semen Wash
  • FSH, LH, Prolactin
  • Testosterone & DHEAS
  • TORCH Test
  • Thalasemia Study
  • Culture Facilities
  • Sr. Bheg, Estrol, AFP, Sr. Blutamase Test
  • Chlamydia Test & other Reproductive Tract Testing (ART)
  • Cytology Lab. – Cytology, Chromosome
  • Study PCR STUDY – Genetic Lab.
  • Blood Bank Facilities
  • Coagulation Profile (FDP)
  • Cryo – Preservation
  • ART

Infrastructure & Facilities

  • OPD
  • In Patients Wards
  • Operation Theater
  • Museum
  • Charts
  • Models
  • Departmental Library
  • Departmental Journals
  • Seminar with LCD room adequate available
  • OPD Facilities: Routine Pap smear of gynac patient & screening and appropriate service to high-risk obstetric patients.

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